It is a common New Year's resolution to acquire a new car. 2017 is still young, so why not kick off the year by visiting Antioch Chrysler Jeep® Dodge? Most of the 2017 models under the FCA US LLC umbrella are already here at our dealership.

We provide both buying and leasing options. This can be a difficult decision for some people, so we decided to discuss the benefits of each. You can also visit our finance department to discuss the latest buying and car finance deals.

Why Buy?

First of all, if you buy a car, you own it. That means it is yours to do with it as you please. You are free to modify it with Mopar parts or personalize it in any way to your liking. You can also drive it as much as you like without worry of facing excess mileage penalties. Finally, you can sell it whenever you feel you are ready for a new set of wheels. This means you can sell your 2016 RAM 1500 that you just purchased last year if you choose to do so. 

With buying, there is also the option for buying a pre-owned model. Speak with our used Dodge dealer or Jeep dealer near Pittsburg, CA, to see our certified pre-owned inventory. 

Why Lease?

Some people choose to lease instead of buy. When is the former a better option? Monthly payments are typically lower. The down payment is also usually lower. Some special lease offers even include zero down payment. If any repairs are ever required, maintenance and tune-ups are usually lower because the leased car is always under factory warranty. 

The average lease contract is about two to three years, allowing you to switch to a new model and take advantage of the latest car technology.

Visit our dealership whether you are interested in buying or leasing. We have new vehicle incentives that update regularly. 
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